Why We Created FunPicks?

Photography made fun and simple.

FunPicks was created by a small team of avid photographers and programmers, with the goal of creating an educational and fun site to help people take better pictures.

We believe very simply,
  • Playing FunPicks game helps you think about what makes one photo better than another, and this will naturally make you a better judge of photos.

  • Once you’re better at judging photos, we believe that will lead to your taking better photos.

  • Rating community photos will allow you to exercise your judgement and reinforce your confidence.

  • Uploading your photos can give you different perspectives on how your photos are viewed by others.

  • Improve My Photo demonstrates how relatively dull photos may be transformed into vibrant and engaging photos after software editing.

  • Our hope is, by repeating the Play, Rate, and Upload cycle, plus reviewing the Improve My Photo before and after images, you will have fun and see improvements in your photo-shooting results.

  • Cheers, and go shoot lots and lots of photos. Allow your style to naturally emerge and develop.

"I am not interested to take photos with new things – I am interested to see things new." - Ernst Haas. 1954

"My great best shot will be created the next day." - Imogen Cunningham. 1925

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FunPicks is a work in progress, and we’re continually adding photos and features to this site. We also seek contributions from generous photographers, worldwide, with a tip and a pair of photos to share. Please email us at funpicksgames@gmail.com if you’d like to join this movement and share your experience. There will be a special page dedicated to all the contributing photographers.

Disclaimer: Photography is a subjective art form; hence all materials within this application are strictly the personal opinions of the photographers and authors of the tips. If you find yourself in disagreement with the selection results and composition tips, please know the application is merely presenting one viewpoint.